With so many carpet cleaning companies in Overland Park, Olathe, and Leawood Ks, how is a person to know which company to choose. A lot of times it might be based off of price only. Which company is the cheapest? Some people may choose a company because of a referral from a friend. Others may choose based on what the have experienced in the past. How do you choose the best service company for you and your family?

At Perfect One Clean we have come up with a mission statement and values to help build relationships with our clients so that finding the right carpet cleaning company doesn’t become a stressful task.

First we will start with our mission statement. Why is it important to find a carpet cleaning company that not only has a mission statement but stands by it? Have you ever tried to accomplish something or achieve something without knowing why you are doing it? It makes the task or goal you are trying to achieve a lot less important. It simply just becomes something to check off the list so you can say you did it.



That’s why we stress our mission statement at Perfect One Clean. Our Mission is: To deliver excellent service in every opportunity. When we hire a new staff member the first day of training is strictly covering our mission statement and how we fulfill it everyday with our clients. If we go into every day with our mission in mind then our clients will be satisfied.

We try to fulfill our mission with every aspect of our business all the way from how we hand out business cards at networking events to fixing mistakes we might have made on a job. That’s right even if we make a mistake there is still a way to fix it with excellent service.

This is what of one of our new clients recently said about a job we did for her in Gardner.

Amazing & Affordable!
“Perfect One did an amazing job! We did a whole house carpet cleaning for the selling of our home and they went above and beyond expectations. We had stains, pet odors, and repairs to be done. They were able to take care of all of those issues efficiently. Our carpets look new again!! We will definitely be using them again!”

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