Exhausted by trying to remove every little spill or stain that gets on your furniture?

Buying furniture is a big investment. So that is why we want to team up with you to extend the life of your furniture. We have invested a lot of time and money to make sure we are qualified to clean even the most delicate fabrics.

Does Perfect One steam clean furniture?

The first step in our cleaning process is identifying what type of fabric you have. This will determine the cleaning method we use. We are certified in all cleaning methods to make sure our clients get the absolute best from our team.

What does Perfect One charge to clean furniture?

Our pricing is for cleaning and applying fabric protector to your furniture. We believe in cleaning and maintaining your investment. Contact us for pricing.

Going the Extra Mile

Here are the steps we take to ensure that your upholstered items turn out looking fantastic!


Inspect all upholstery. Identify the fiber type and select a cleaning agent. We will be sure to test the fabric for colorfastness prior to cleaning. Look for tears, loose fibers, and other problem areas.


Vacuum all upholstery to be cleaned. Vacuum each side of sofa cushions, under cushion area, and in between cracks. Remove as much hair and debris as possible.


Apply the pre-conditioning agent to loosen body oils, soil, and other spots and spills.


Use a fabric appropriate brush to work the pre-conditioner into the upholstery. Use care around loose fibers and other problem areas

Steam Clean

Steam clean the upholstery using the proper products, water pressure, and water temperature.

Check For Stains

Check for stains that did not respond to the primary cleaning system. Apply fabric safe, specialty stain removers as necessary.

Apply Scotchgaurd

Apply 3M Scotchguard and/or deodorizer, if desired.

Dry Upholstery

Strategically place high speed fans to dry upholstery quickly.

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