Frustrated with what to do with your hardwood floors?

Let Perfect One Clean team up with you to clean and maintain your hardwood floors. Our technicians are well equipped to help you with the challenge of keeping your hardwood floors looking good. We will go out of our way to deliver excellent service.

What are some of the benefits?

  • It’s Safe
  • It’s Quick
  • It’s Dust Free

Will it stay looking shiny?

Everyone loves when it looks like you can dip your toe in your hardwoods. The shine will dissipate leaving your hard woods looking full luster and bright.

Is it the same as sanding?

It is not a refinish process. This cleaning process for hardwood floors is growing very popular and Perfect One Clean is one of the only companies in Kansas City doing it. Here is what to expect from the process.

  • A deep clean to prep your existing floor finish to receive our preservation finish.
  • The new finish will be your protective layer to the original.
  • Most micro scratches will be filled and disappear.
  • Heavier scratches and dents will be coated, but may still be visible.

Start to finish how long will it take?

We want to honor our clients time that’s why we have made our system so efficient. We can get in and out of your home in 2-4 hours. All the prep work and after care instructions will be provided to the client.

How much does it cost to get this great system?

All hard surface cleaning in priced by the square foot. Just click the link to schedule an in home consultation. It will be quick and easy.

Our Detailed Hardwood Cleaning System


We first determine through a simple test if the hardwood floor contains any wax, residue or other contaminants which may effect the adhesion of a new finish. During this step we will determine which system to use based on the inspection.

Area Preparation

If needed, we will tape off any areas so that we do not compromise the surroundings of the hardwood area.

Dry Soil Removal

Our technicians thoroughly sweep and vacuum the area with a HEPA filter vacuum to maximize results of the preservation finish.


The cleaning process includes multiple applications of cleaning solutions with state-of-the-art equipment which produces NO DUST WHATSOEVER! Our unique system will deep clean your hardwood floor and remove any soil that is impossible to remove with home products.


After re-coating the floor, we speed dry it with high velocity air movers.


Technicians will initiate a walk-through and go over results before leaving. Your floor will be revived and ready to walk on in a matter of hours.Our preservation system is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and dries to the touch in about an hour. The system is completely dust free which will save you from all the dust accumulating throughout the house.

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