pet-odor-removal-serviceAre you embarrassed by your carpets smelling like pet urine?
Don’t feel bad you are not the only one. Pet urine can be very challenging to remove. It starts by having the right tools and education. At Perfect One we make sure to inspect all the areas that are contaminated by urine. After the inspection we will consider the best solution to remove the pet stain and urine odor.
What does it cost to remove the pet odor?
The are several factors that come into play when it comes to pricing for odor restoration. That is why for this service we recommend an in home consultation. Our technicians are certified in odor control to make sure we deliver excellent service in every opportunity. We offer 4 different options depending on the severity of the damage.
Pet Treatment 1: SURFACE TREATMENT-LIGHT CONTAMINATION: (Put A Picture Here) I will send one and label it.This is a great  pet treatment for the occasional accident . This does not address issues at the sub surface level. This is not a guaranteed treatment for the odor, but is highly effective in most cases.
  • Inspect area to identify where the urine stains are.
  • Pre-treat the entire room and allow dwell time for our Perfect Pet solution to work.
  • Thoroughly rinse the area and extract the area with our truck mounted cleaning equipment.
We refer to this as the pet flush. When your pet has gone repeatedly in the same area we will use the pet flush process. The flush will cover 18 inches in diameter. In some cases several pet flushes are needed to remove the urine. We will guarantee odor removal in the areas we perform the pet flush.
  • Inspect area to identify where the urine stains are.
  • Saturate area of contamination with Perfect Pet solution
  • Allow dwell time for solution.
  • Extract urine using pet flush device and truck mount equipment.
  • Steam clean the carpet to clean and sanitize.
  • Post spray enzyme to ensure odor removal.
  • Inspect area to identify where the urine stains are.
  • Pull carpet back to get to contaminated pad.
  • Remove and discard contaminated pad.
  • Seal sub-floor with odor sealant.
  • Saturate carpet with Perfect Pet solution.
  • Extract the urine with our truck mount equipment.
  • Install new carpet pad.
  • Reinstall carpet.
  • Allow the carpet to dry.
make-peacePet Treatment 4: REPLACE CARPET & PADDING & SEAL SUB-FLOOR
After inspecting the urine contaminated area and it is to sever. The best option is to replace the carpet and pad. The tack strip and sub-floor still need to be treated with an odor sealant to ensure odor will not continue to cause a problem.